GutterBrush - Sizing Samples

GutterBrush - Sizing Samples

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👉 Simple Design, Guaranteed Performance - Made In U.S.A.!

👉 Easy Installation - No Tools, Fasteners Or Expertise Required

👉 Affordable - No Need To Spend Thousands On Gutter Protection

GutterBrush comes in 5 diameters to protect just about any gutter size and style.  If you are unsure of what size may work best for your gutters we are happy to ship you sizing samples to test for the best fit in your application.  

For optimal fit and to achieve best results place samples into your gutter and choose the size that:

  • Fills the gutter channel
  • Crowns above the gutter top creating rounded profile
  • Does not overly compress bristles. 

We have 2 sizing sample packs to meet most needs:

Residential Sample Pack - Includes 3 most common residential sizes for 4, 5, 6 inch gutters. 

  • 4" Small Gutters - Brush Diameter = 3.25"
  • 5" Standard Gutters - Brush Diameter = 4.25"
  • 6" Oversize Gutters - Brush Diameter = 5.25"

Commercial Sample Pack - Includes 3 most common commercial sizes for 6, 7, 8 inch gutters.

  • 6" Oversize Gutters - Brush Diameter = 5.25"
  • 7" Commercial Gutters - Brush Diameter = 6.50"
  • 8" Industrial Gutters - Brush Diameter = 8.00"

* Samples are 6 inch sections.


• 4.25” Diameter - Standard 5” Residential Gutters 

• 5.25” Diameter - Oversize 6” Residential Gutters

Our standard packaging contains mostly 3 foot lengths along with a couple 18 inch sections to make it easy to fit various gutter lengths without the need for any cutting or tools. 

• 3.25” Diameter - Small 4" Specialty Gutters ie: Mobile Home, Sunroom, Carport 
• 6.50” Diameter - Commercial 7" Gutters ie: Pool Enclosure, Metal Buildings, etc. 
• 8.00” Diameter - Industrial 8" Gutters ie: Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

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