Ambient Prairie Light
Ambient Prairie Light
Ambient Prairie Light
Ambient Prairie Light
Ambient Prairie Light
Ambient Prairie Light
Ambient Prairie Light
Ambient Prairie Light

Ambient Prairie Light

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Perfect for atmosphere lighting or ambient lighting, holiday gifts, and social gatherings, this decorative LED light bulb is essential for every household. Install this bulb in a frosted lampshade or lantern to create a fabulous flaming effect in the winter, or on your patio to create a torch light feel.

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  • Uniqueness¬†- Each and every E.P. Light bulb is custom-crafted using 3 different techniques. The actual color and paint curves inside each E.P. Light are totally random and unique. When ordering your bulb¬†each one will be unique and different - an original work of art.
  • Highest¬†Quality¬†- Each E.P. Light bulb is¬†crafted from¬†the best quality resin, available only in Burma as far as we know. Our high-quality, environmentally-safe¬†bulbs¬†are extremely durable and won't break, even if you drop one. The bulb stays cool to the touch and never heats up, even after long hours of emitting beautiful light. The running life is up to¬†100,000 hours
against dropping

  • Home Decor¬†- Our bulbs are gorgeously translucent like crystal.¬†To accent the natural beauty of¬†your E.P. Light,¬†you can¬†house them in various lamp-holders or lamp stands, perfect for the design-conscious home. It‚Äôs right at home in the center of a coffee table, bedside table and also beautiful an accent for meditation and yoga spaces. The¬†E.P¬†ambient night lights are perfect gifts for anyone, anytime.
  • Energy¬†Saving¬†-¬†E.P. Light is an ambient light made from light bulbs with¬†environmental-friendly injections¬†inside.¬†They save up to¬†63%¬†more energy than traditional bulbs.
  • Inspiration¬†- Our artistic inspiration came from one of the greatest artistic minds of the 20th century, Jackson Pollock, and also from the inspired inventions of the great Thomas Edison. So we named our product:¬†E.P. Light, in honor of¬†Mr. Thomas¬†Edison¬†and¬†Jackson¬†Pollock.


  • Size:¬†5.7*2.5¬†inch
  • Input voltage: 95VÔĹě264VAC 50/60Hz ;¬†
  • Screw mouth: E27 ~ E26
  • Rated power: 3W LED
  • Working life: more than 100,000 hours
  • WeightÔľö150g
  • Color:¬†blue, yellow, green

*Attention: Please note that each E.P.Light is unique and can be quite different. The actual color and paint curves inside is totally random and unique, because every E.P. Light we create is an original work of art.

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