About Us

Our Story

The truth is we are not the biggest store around. And probably we will never be. But honestly speaking we couldn't care less. As a matter of fact we perceive it as our advantage. We strongly believe it helps us to treat each and every single Customer just like he would be our regular walk-in Customer to our brick-and-mortar, mom-and-pop store just around the corner. 

We want to get a chance to know our Customers and build relationships in a way it is impossible to achieve as a corporate. You just can't take a personal care of your Client as a big company and we are proud our Customer Service is top-notch, available 24/7 through email, phone, live chat and social media.

The truth also is we are not the best either. In that case however, we proudly stand our ground and strive to be among the best in the class. We don't want to win popularity contests, our goal is to be seen on the eCommerce map as a place that brings value into lives of our Customers. And we want to achieve it by providing our Customers with the best range of high quality, useful and entertaining products they can find online.
The products that do make our lives easier. The products that do make a difference. The products that do make a great gift. The most helpful, innovative, funny or creative - or ideally a combination of at least two. We want to be a breath of fresh air in a world flooded with average products and that's why we are constantly researching the market in order to find new products, catch on the trends and dig up most interesting solutions.

Who We Are

Alright, but who we actually are? Since we are still in growth and development phase we are currently not very big, but passionate group of few people. We have James in Marketing & Research usually supported by Damian, so all you see in our ads and what's available inside the store is thanks to him.

Our second department is Customer Service & Shipping led by Mary, they can solve literally everything. At the end there is me, Damian, the founder of Kreative Hedgehog and my task is to make everyone happy. And by that I mean ordering pizza and stuff. And if anything went wrong it was most likely me who messed it up at first place so please be easygoing with our support team.

Personally we are pretty laid-back, no suits or ties, we like some BBQ and good movies. But we also believe in old school values like honesty, trust, mutual respect, kindness and gratitude. As a result we have decided to use these values as a foundation to build our company and follow them on day-to-day business.
Because of that we are committed to donate a piece of our earnings to charity. Nearly one in six people globally, including more than half a billion children, suffer from Neglected Tropical Diseases, so thanks to our Clients we hope to provide medications to as many of those in need as possible.

The Happy Dance

By this long introduction we would like to invite you to our store, go and discover, dive into categories and single products. All of them are checked and analyzed beforehand, that's the reason we can back them with our guarantees and free shipping. We truly hope you will find what you've been looking for.

And yes - we actually do the happy dance every time we got a new Customer. Because that means we are doing something well and as a result we can bring even more value by introducing new amazing products and help those in need :) right, let's rock!

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